Winter Landscaping Tips

Even though the spring and summer flowers have faded and the leaves have changed from vibrant green to orange and red, this doesn’t mean that proper landscaping goes out the window. If you want to ensure that your yard looks just as beautiful during the winter months, keep the following in mind: Use Berries for […]

Winter Plants CT – Plants that withstand winter weather

Winter weather is harsh on plants, and many plants don’t survive in the cold, frosty climates. A lot of work goes into making a successful landscape, and it’s a shame when the hard work goes down the drain. Plants that can stand up to the brutal pounding of winter’s fury make the most sense to […]

Flower Beds in CT- How to prepare for New England Winter

Properly preparing your flower beds for winter will help ensure a healthy bed for spring. Debris from annual and herbaceous plants often become the winter home for disease and undesirable insects, which may then wreak havoc on your spring plants. Make time this fall to get your flower beds ready for winter. Keep Watering Even […]

Gardening Tips for Cool Weather

There are simple but important tips that can keep garden healthy all through fall and winter and prepare it for the growing season in spring. Here are some tips: Add Mulch If the garden is in an area that’s subject to a frost/thaw cycle, it’s important to add mulch to newly planted beds. This should […]

Tips for Fall Clean Up Of Yard And Garden

Autumn is a beautiful season and the perfect time to take advantage of the slower plant growth to prepare your yard and garden for next spring. Clean your garden by pulling up all left over plants and weeds and till the soil. Next spring you will have a nice plot of ground ready to plant […]

Rejuvenate Your Lawn CT

If your lawn is looking thin and brown, it can be rejuvenated to make it lush and green again. Early fall is the perfect time to get started. The warm soil from summer and the cooler fall air is ideal for grass germination. In addition, the seed will have time to become established before the […]

Landscaping – Sloped Lot Challenge

Landscaping a sloped lot can be challenging. Although your Essex CT home likely isn’t located on an extremely steep cliff, you still may have to deal with a lot that presents a landscape challenge due to its slope. However, you have several options for landscaping your Clinton CT lawn, gardens and walkways so that you […]

Hardscape and Landscape – Spice Up Your Front Entry

Hardscape and Landscape can make a big impression on front entryways. Many residents in Essex CT, Clinton CT, Centerbrook CT and surrounding towns are taking a closer look at the exterior of their home. The curb appeal of your home is comprised of two things your home and your landscaping. If you have decided that […]

Pet Friendly Yards CT

If you have family pets, you no doubt share your yard space with them on a regular basis. However, many yards throughout Essex CT, Clinton CT, Centerbrook CT and other nearby towns are simply not pet-friendly. Some of the vegetation featured in these yards may be toxic to your pets, or they may simply feature […]

Backyard Retreats CT- A How To Guide

Backyard Retreats- A How To Guide The desire to maximize the use of your yard is a common one, and you may be wondering how you can turn your back yard into a private oasis or retreat. You may have the desire to create a lush, quiet garden area in your Essex CT, Clinton CT […]