Winter Plants CT – Plants that withstand winter weather

Winter weather is harsh on plants, and many plants don’t survive in the cold, frosty climates. A lot of work goes into making a successful landscape, and it’s a shame when the hard work goes down the drain. Plants that can stand up to the brutal pounding of winter’s fury make the most sense to include in a yard or piece of property. Try these plants to keep your landscape alive throughout the dreary winter.

Apple trees look great, and they of course bear fruit. Apple trees are famous for being able to stand up to the cold better than almost every other plant out there. The temperatures would have to reach numbing proportions for them to wither away. You can count on an apple tree making it through to the next year every year. Apple trees are worth investing in.

Lilac bushes also regularly combat the cold and snow. The sweet-smelling, purple bushes are a favorite among many people in cold climates. When spring rolls around, you can be sure that you’ll eventually see those beautiful lilac bushes sprouting up from the ground. The bushes are also versatile and relatively inexpensive, so they make great additions to any landscape scheme. The purple colors will remind you why spring is such a great time to thaw out from the overcast, uncomfortable, cold part of the year.

Lenten roses invigorate many gardens in cold climates. You should consider planting them if you want to see a great plant with plenty of buds every year. These tough plants rarely succumb to the brutal elements of the winter months. They don’t require much care and maintenance either. Not only do they stand up to the cold, but they also draw compliments from people who visit your landscaping works.

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