Pet Friendly Yards CT

If you have family pets, you no doubt share your yard space with them on a regular basis. However, many yards throughout Essex CT, Clinton CT, Centerbrook CT and other nearby towns are simply not pet-friendly. Some of the vegetation featured in these yards may be toxic to your pets, or they may simply feature sharp points that can poke and harm your pet. Further, when pets and people share yard spaces, the result is often hassle, stress and inconvenience for everyone involved. Pets may roam into areas where you don’t want them, and they may create foot traffic patterns in your yard. Further, they inevitably will leave behind messes for you to clean up.

You can, however, take a few steps to make your yard in Guilford CT, Old Saybrook CT, Westbrook CT or another local community more pet-friendly. One option to consider is to install a gate or fence around a specific area of the yard. This can allow you to create a safe zone for your pets that is free of dangerous or toxic vegetation and where your pets are free to roam without hindrance. The rest of your yard can stay in pristine condition without the effects of pet damage, pet messes and more.

While installing a pet area in your home in Deep River CT, Madison CT, Ivoryton CT or another Connecticut community is the ideal solution for some, it is not ideal for everyone. For example, some yards are simply not large enough or laid out right to accommodate a fenced-in pet area. Another option to consider is to lay paver stones or natural stones to create a foot path where the pets normally travel. Consider removing toxic plants and installing safe, native vegetation. Your professional landscaper can assist you with these efforts and can help you to create a truly safe environment for your pet.


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