Winter Landscaping Tips

Even though the spring and summer flowers have faded and the leaves have changed from vibrant green to orange and red, this doesn’t mean that proper landscaping goes out the window. If you want to ensure that your yard looks just as beautiful during the winter months, keep the following in mind:

Use Berries for Color
Many bushes and trees that thrive during the winter months produce beautifully colorful berries that will add a festive look to your landscaping. Additionally, these berries are often a great food resource for local birds.

Consider the Hardscape of the Yard
The hardscape, or yard adornments, are often ignored during the summer months when the yard is full of flowering shrubs and annuals. Consider adding an arbor, bench, or trellis to your yard to add whimsical personality.

Fill Summer Pots and Containers
Annuals aren’t the only plants that can fill your pots and containers. Fill these with broadleaf evergreens, dwarf Alberta spruce, rhododendron, and holly during the winter. If you don’t want to purchase plants, cut some evergreen boughs and arrange them in a pleasing manner. The textures and colored berries will be sure to cheer your spirit and welcome others to your home.

Take Advantage of Four Season Perennials
Perennials that have year-round foliage are perfect for any garden. Plants, such as hellebores, dianthus, and ornamental grasses will add texture and green to your garden even in the coldest months.

The Beauty of Evergreens
Evergreens are a great asset to any winter yard. They add a wonderful array of colors. Although green may be the primary color you think of when you consider evergreens, they come in a variety of colors including blue and yellow. Regardless of the time of year, you should always have at least one evergreen in each garden bed.

Winter is also a great time to stock up on the non-plant elements you’ll need for the next year’s garden, Pierson says. “It’s a good time to bargain-shop for anything for the garden,” she says. Take a tape measure, research plants, figure out seeds you’ll need, and write down what worked and what didn’t in the current year.


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