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Backyard Retreats CT- A How To Guide

August 27th, 2012 by ewcAdmin

Backyard Retreats- A How To Guide

The desire to maximize the use of your yard is a common one, and you may be wondering how you can turn your back yard into a private oasis or retreat. You may have the desire to create a lush, quiet garden area in your Essex CT, Clinton CT or Centerbrook CT home. Perhaps you want to create a more fun and lively retreat area that is ideal for hosting friends and family for backyard barbecues and get-togethers. Understanding what you want to use your space for is the first step toward creating the perfect back yard on your property.

After you have a general idea about what you want your finished back yard to be used for, you can then begin planning and designing the space. Whether your home is in Guilford CT, Old Saybrook CT, Westbrook CT or another similar area, you do want to create design plans and sketches for your space. Avoid going into the yard to tear up the existing vegetation and decorative features without a firm plan in mind of what you want to do. You can also go a step further and cut out design ideas from images in a magazine.

Some homeowners in Deep River CT, Madison CT, Ivoryton CT and other local areas have difficulty creating a great plan. They lack the functional knowledge of landscaping design, or they simply want to create a more professionally designed space. Some may develop a fabulous design, but they lack the time or skill required to install their design ideas. When you need assistance in the design plans for your back yard, contact a landscaping company for assistance. Brad Hull Landscaping has the expertise to help you create the patio, hardscape and landscape for all of your outdoor needs.


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Patio Landscaping CT- Design Ideas

August 22nd, 2012 by ewcAdmin


Patio designs come in all shapes and sizes. Below are several examples of what Brad Hull Landscaping can do for you! Some of the towns that we serve are: Old Saybrook CT, Westbrook CT, Clinton CT, Essex CT, Ivoryton CT, Madison CT, Guilford CT and the southeastern Connecticut shoreline.

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Sod v. Seed – Which is best for you?

August 20th, 2012 by ewcAdmin

A well-manicured lawn that has been beautifully maintained with regular fertilizer treatments, ample water, regular grass trimmings and more can add appeal to your home for many years. However, between the effects of extreme fluctuations in weather, pests, grass fungal growth and more, even the most well-manicured lawn may require re-seeding or re-sodding from time to time. If your lawn in your Essex CT, Clinton CT or Centerbrook CT home is showing signs that it is in distress, you may benefit from re-seeding or re-sodding efforts. However, you may be unsure about which is best for your needs.

Cost is certainly a factor to consider when debating between re-seeding or re-sodding your yard in Guilford CT, Old Saybrook CT or Westbrook CT. Reseeding is generally considerably more affordable than re-sodding. However, cost is only one consideration that you should take into account. Grass seeds don’t always grow in a thick, luscious coat as you had planned. Issues with bad seeds, placing seeds in clusters or clumps and more can all affect how evenly new seed growth is established. Laying fresh sod, on the other hand, will ensure that growth is even and lustrous from the start.

The time of year when you consider re-seeding or re-sodding your yard in Deep River CT, Madison CT or Ivoryton CT may also be a factor. Seed will require ample sunshine, plenty of water and relatively warm water. While sod will also require these things, it may become established in your hard more quickly than tender seedlings would. With this in mind, if the warmer months are drawing to a close, you may consider using sod rather than seed. There are many factors to consider before re-seeding or re-sodding your yard. Consider talking to your landscaping professional for customized advice that is right for your home’s needs.


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Retaining Walls CT: Safeguarding Your Lawn or Garden

August 13th, 2012 by ewcAdmin

Connecticut is not always kind to yards and gardens. The New England climate is famous for its tricky weather, but in addition, yards and gardens near standing water can easily be flooded after rains. If you live near Essex CT, Old Saybrook CT, Westbrook CT or Deep River CT, there’s a good chance your yard or garden stands a risk of taking on too much water and losing consistency. This causes unpleasant side effects like temporary marshes, small mudslides, and more importantly, the death of many garden plants, who can’t keep their life cycle moving under the pressure of so much water.

Failure to drain rainwater or floodwater from your garden or yard can end in lost investments as your carefully tended plants expire. Additionally, loose soil can cause massive shifts in ground positioning, especially if you live in hilly areas such as Clinton CT or Guilford CT. The best way to protect against the risk of ground shifting or muddy gardens is to install a retaining wall around your raised plot. This way, the water will leak harmlessly out into the topsoil outside your garden and leave your plants unharmed, yet fully nourished.

Retaining walls are easy to construct, although areas with old New England glacial stone deposits like Madison CT and Ivorytown CT may experience difficulty during installation. Essentially, an “igloo” like formation of rectangular stones, shored up by layers of gravel, is used to facilitate water drainage.

This method is time-honored and simple. The expense of constructing the wall pays off after a rainstorm or flood warning: your garden will remain safe and sound, and yards held by retaining walls can keep their shape perfectly for up to ten years! So if it’s stability and reliability you want in your backyard or plot, whether you live in Guilford CT or Centerbrook CT, put in a retaining wall.


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Curb Appeal: How to Liven it up with Landscaping

August 6th, 2012 by ewcAdmin

Curb appeal is excellent in many of the homes in Essex CT, Clinton CT, Centerbrook CT and other surrounding Connecticut communities. The yards appear to be well-manicured with the perfect balance of colorful blooms, green vegetation, flower boxes, mulch beds, decorative features and more. The right design in a yard can truly make a home look impressive and attractive, and the right features can add beauty and function to the yard.
There are several steps you can take in your home in Westbrook CT, Deep River CT or other communities to lighten and brighten your home’s exterior appearance. Consider how adding or defining flower beds with decorative features may enhance the space. Those spaces that are not manicured with flower beds may benefit from soil leveling or the addition of paved or gravel walkways. Problems areas in a yard often pertain to uneven ground, areas that receive a significant amount of foot traffic and more. The right landscaping features added to your home in Madison CT, Ivoryton CT or other local communities can address these problem areas. Another option to consider is to add a retaining wall to level out a yard with a steep grade.

While some homeowners whether in Guilford CT, Old Saybrook CT or elsewhere may attempt to embark on significant landscaping projects on their own, your yard may benefit from professional landscaping services like Brad Hull Landscaping. When you contact a professional landscaping company for assistance with your Connecticut home, you may receive expert design tips and advice that can be put to use to create impressive results. Further, the professional installation of landscaped features can give your yard a polished, complete look. Consider utilizing professional landscaping design and installation services to take your home’s curb appeal to the next level.


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