September, 2012

Rejuvenate Your Lawn CT

September 28th, 2012 by ewcAdmin

If your lawn is looking thin and brown, it can be rejuvenated to make it lush and green again. Early fall is the perfect time to get started. The warm soil from summer and the cooler fall air is ideal for grass germination. In addition, the seed will have time to become established before the hot, dry months of the next summer.

If there are bald spots, the first step is to find out what is causing them. The reasons can vary from pests to lawn disease. Once the reason has been determined, the appropriate remedy can be applied. The soil from the bald spots will then need to be dug up and replaced with a soil and compost mixture and then reseeded and fertilized.

If the lawn is sparse and there are no other issues, reseeding will refresh the lawn. If you want a beautiful, green lawn, reseeding is not is simple as throwing some grass seed on the lawn. There are steps that must be taken before reseeding, such as mowing the existing grass very short and raking to expose the soil.

In some cases, the entire lawn may need to be redone. This involves grading uneven areas of the lawn to smooth it out and working compost or commercial manure down into the soil. Once the prep work has been completed, new grass seed can be applied.

Rejuvenating a lawn is a labor-intensive job, but the results will be amazing. A landscaping company will have the knowledge and the tools to do the job correctly. Once the job is complete, they will also teach you how to care for the lawn until it has became established. The result will be a lush carpet of green that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Landscaping – Sloped Lot Challenge

September 18th, 2012 by ewcAdmin

Landscaping a sloped lot can be challenging. Although your Essex CT home likely isn’t located on an extremely steep cliff, you still may have to deal with a lot that presents a landscape challenge due to its slope. However, you have several options for landscaping your Clinton CT lawn, gardens and walkways so that you don’t lose soil in every hard rain and so that your yard stays spectacular.

The primary reason for landscaping your sloped Centerbrook CT yard is to prevent soil erosion. If the slope has been cleared of all plants and trees, the soil will eventually end up at the bottom of the hill. There are almost as many solutions to this problem as there are sloped lots in Guilford CT. You’ll need to decide exactly how you want to preserve the slope. You may prefer grasses, terraced gardens or even dry creek beds or water features.

As you start to plan how you’ll landscape your Old Saybrook CT yard, you’ll need to take a hard look at the slope with which you’ll be working. The goal is to retain as much as the natural slope as possible. Cutting into a slope to landscape it can weaken its existing structure. Instead, follow the natural lay of the slope on your Westbrook CT property to maintain its integrity.

Consider using grasses, shrubs and trees as plantings on your slope to help keep the soil in place. Plants with large, woody root systems help hold the soil in place. Grasses with fibrous roots as well as low-growing shrubs are good choices for a Deep River CT yard. Keep in mind that the bottom of the slope is likely to retain moisture much longer than the top does. For that reason, think about choosing trees that don’t mind wet roots.

After you’ve chosen plants that hold your Madison CT slope in place, you can turn your attention to the view from the top of the slope. Carefully consider the growth pattern of the trees you plant to ensure they won’t block the view in the future. You also need to make sure you leave enough room between plants for maintenance access. With some careful planning and hard work, your Ivoryton CT sloped yard should have the best landscaping in the neighborhood.

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Hardscape and Landscape – Spice Up Your Front Entry

September 10th, 2012 by ewcAdmin

Hardscape and Landscape can make a big impression on front entryways. Many residents in Essex CT, Clinton CT, Centerbrook CT and surrounding towns are taking a closer look at the exterior of their home. The curb appeal of your home is comprised of two things your home and your landscaping. If you have decided that your issue with curb appeal stems from your home’s outdated or lower quality landscaping features, the perfect solution may be to spice up your front entry with hardscape features.

Whether people are driving by your Guilford CT, Old Saybrook CT or Westbrook CT home or they are walking up to your front door, you want your home to impress them. Hardscape can be installed in your yard to add decorative appeal to spaces that currently lack luster and flair. Hardscaping involves the use of decorative stones, tiles and more. You can consider how your home’s exterior may benefit from natural stone flower bed borders, brick pavers used in a new walkway, a gorgeous water feature and more. There are so many different possibilities available to you when it comes to adding hardscape features to your home. The right mix of features will add style to your space while enhancing curb appeal. Some features, such as pathways, may add function to your space too.

Before you can install hardscape features to your home in Deep River CT, Ivoryton CT or Madison CT, first you have to decide which hardscape features will be installed. Creating a hardscape plan is essential to creating the ideal impact from your efforts. You may consider researching hardscape designs in various home improvement books. However, you may benefit more significantly from receiving custom advice specific to your home’s needs by talking to a landscaping professional with experience with hardscape design and installation.



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Pet Friendly Yards CT

September 4th, 2012 by ewcAdmin

If you have family pets, you no doubt share your yard space with them on a regular basis. However, many yards throughout Essex CT, Clinton CT, Centerbrook CT and other nearby towns are simply not pet-friendly. Some of the vegetation featured in these yards may be toxic to your pets, or they may simply feature sharp points that can poke and harm your pet. Further, when pets and people share yard spaces, the result is often hassle, stress and inconvenience for everyone involved. Pets may roam into areas where you don’t want them, and they may create foot traffic patterns in your yard. Further, they inevitably will leave behind messes for you to clean up.

You can, however, take a few steps to make your yard in Guilford CT, Old Saybrook CT, Westbrook CT or another local community more pet-friendly. One option to consider is to install a gate or fence around a specific area of the yard. This can allow you to create a safe zone for your pets that is free of dangerous or toxic vegetation and where your pets are free to roam without hindrance. The rest of your yard can stay in pristine condition without the effects of pet damage, pet messes and more.

While installing a pet area in your home in Deep River CT, Madison CT, Ivoryton CT or another Connecticut community is the ideal solution for some, it is not ideal for everyone. For example, some yards are simply not large enough or laid out right to accommodate a fenced-in pet area. Another option to consider is to lay paver stones or natural stones to create a foot path where the pets normally travel. Consider removing toxic plants and installing safe, native vegetation. Your professional landscaper can assist you with these efforts and can help you to create a truly safe environment for your pet.


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